Brookwood Elementary

Brookwood Elementary Clubs


The following list represents clubs and organizations that are offered in most Columbia County elementary schools. A brief description of the purpose or a mission statement of each has been provided. More information regarding these and other extracurricular opportunities, including the school sponsors and planned or past activities, can be obtained from each school. Parents or legal guardians who do not object to their child’s participation in school clubs or organizations are not required to take any action. Parents or legal guardians who object to student participation in one or more of these or any other school club or organization must indicate which group and sign and return this form to the school principal. For all student-initiated clubs or for any clubs or organizations added during the school year, parent permission will be obtained by the faculty supervisor. Any addition of a club or organization must be approved by the Columbia County Board of Education.


Club or Organization with stated Purpose/Mission Statement:


Clubs offered at Brookwood Elementary. Club membership may have grade level and academic requirements. The club sponsor is listed after the description.


Art: To give students the opportunity to explore art through various mediums (Mrs. Sailors)

Chorus: To expose students to a wide variety of musical styles while emphasizing the development of musical skills and understanding (Mrs. Chavous)

Drama: To promote collegiality among students interested in dramatic arts (Mrs. Chavous)

Four-H: To provide student with the opportunity to learn leadership, citizenship, and life skills (5th grade teachers)

JR BETA: To promote scholarship, character, and service (4th and 5th grade teachers)

News Show: To provide students an opportunity to participate in the news show (Mrs. Pressley)

Safety Patrol: To give leadership opportunities to students as they mentor younger students in safety procedures while at school (Mr. Figgins)

Student Council: To provide students with the opportunity to contribute to school improvement efforts and to develop leadership skills (4th and 5th grade teachers)